Jun 7, 2013

Increse the ram of your android device by sd card

                    How to increase ram in your android device

ANDROID, the most famous operating system that has been used in manufacturing new smart phones. Everyone wants to buy a smart phone of his own. But not everyone can afford to bye the most wanted ones. Rather their small budget restricts them to low end phones with most probably gingerbread 2.3 and a ram of 256 mb. But they can’t do anything with this small amount of ram. They can’t play HD games and run many apps which require more ram. So it’s an annoying problem to buy a low end phone and get restricted in the android world.

So I am trying to provide you a better solution to solve the problem of low ram in your android device. With this trick you can play most HD games and run the apps which require more rams. Now get back to work.

For this you will need 1. A rooted android phone
                                    2. Download swapper for root

That’s all.

·        Open the app swapper for root that you have downloaded.
·        Now check the option Active Swap on boot.
·        Select the type of partion of your SD card.
·        Type the amount of ram you want to increase.
·        Let the application to create the .swp file.

And you have increased your ram.

N.B. Your mobiles rom must support swapping. To know this Google your roms name for swapping support. Now you can play HD games and run high ram needed apps.



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