Sep 27, 2012

Download torrent files with your Internet Download manager

As all of us use torrents for downloading songs, videos, programs, books, software's and much more. The download speed of torrent is depend upon many factors like seeders, leeches, internet connection and much more. Sometimes we may face difficulty while downloading torrent files with less seeds which results in slow download.
So now I decided to tell you the trick by using which you ca download torrent files using Internet Download Manager (IDM). As IDM increases speed of downloading but torrent files cannot be downloaded directly using IDM.

Steps :-

Step 1 : Choose and download your torrent file.

Step 2 :  Go To

Step 3 : Sign up there and upload the downloaded torrent and hit on Go button.

Step 4 : Choose Free option.

Step 5 : After choosing free option your torrent will be downloaded by high speed servers and your
             file will be ready to download. (If it is large it takes few minutes).

Step 6 : Click on Download button.

Step 7 : Again choose Free option and your file will be downloaded using IDM

That's It. If you liked it then leave a comment and promote Technologies For Better Life.

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