Sep 22, 2012

Why you should choose Android instead of iPhone

Though iPhone remains one of the most popular smartphones across the world, its popularity is waning while sales of Android phones have become recordable. Here are some reasons that get ahead to Android from iPhone in the race of smartphones.

1. Google

Everyone knows Google is best brand in the world. The internet search giant is counted among the most innovative technology in the world and has brought a rich smartphone experience even at every budget to the users. Therefore it comes no surprise that Android phone buyers are ready to share their Gmail details and location on the phones.
           Google's services seem to be to quite important for many buyers today, as many users use Android phones instead of iPhone just because it has better Google integration with Gmail, Google Docs and Google voice search etc. Also another functions like Google+, Google maps, latitude, calender Google search and most importantly Youtube.

2. Screen Size

Still Apple has continued with a 3-5 inch display since first iPhone was launched, never deviating from screen size. But in case of Android phones especially manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are launching smartphones with additional features and change in screen size. However this is a attraction of many users to become a owner of larger screen phones.

3. Play Store

Recently I read in newspaper that Apple's repository of Apps is the largest in the world, with over 7.25K apps and 25 billion downloads, however 27% of those preferred Google Play Store's apps. This is a big advantage to use a Android phone as it supports all apps that available in Play Store.

4. Technology

Though Apple iPhone is considered iconic and revolutionary, it lacks some features that phones running on Android OS have. These include video calls on 3G and 4G connections, music stores other than iTunes and choice of keyboards. On other hand Android developers believe in technology improvement like Samsung's Smart stay and Direct call  etc.

5. Budget

The main and bigger reason is cost difference in both phones. Android phones are available in all the range. So the user in any economy condition can buy these phones while iPhones are available more costly than Android.

Also there are many other reasons as user free interface, ease of operations, latest processors, budget problem etc. Therefore you can find many users use Android phones instead of iPhones.

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