Sep 8, 2012

Get Google Adsense Application Approved Easily

 1.Domain Name Extension

Avoid free domains, try to get .com or .net or .org domain before applying for Google Adsense, and also don’t apply when your domain is country based like .in or .uk. Get domain name by doing keyword research and that domain name should be related to your content. Google generally think free domain name as spam domain because generally spammers use free domain name extension. You can get Google Adsense approval with free domains only when your stuff is good.
In general, Domain age should be 6 months old but many bloggers got their Google Adsense approval when they have 3 or 4 months old domain.

 2.Web Designing & Web Hosting

Your Website design should be professional and fast as per Google Webmaster Guidelines along with quick navigation. Also Your web hosting should be paramount means sometimes webmasters face problem regarding hosting that their website does not load easily so keep in mind about Web Hosting Company.


Content should be unique and must be at least 400 words to 500 words. Don’t copy any content from other website otherwise Google will Penalize you and also you won’t get Google AdSense approval. Always Remember- write content for your reader not for search engine, if your stuff is good then your website will have natural SEO. Apply only when your site have at least 50 articles.

 4.Submit Your Sitemap to Google

Now Register to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Tools and submit your sitemap to Google. You can see our sitemap by clicking here.

 5.Focus on Fundamental Menus

Make your Website’s About Us page and write something about Google AdSense account holder to get easily identified by Google AdSense team. Also make Privacy Policy page of your blog.

 6.Traffic Logs

If you are getting visitors directly from Search engine for your website then it is good signal to get Google AdSense approval easily. If you are getting visitors from Google Search Engine then it is much better.

 7.Social Media Reputation

If your content is shared on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. then it is easier to get Google AdSense approval.

 8.Don’t apply

When your site contains adult content or porn items, they will not approve your Google AdSense for this.
 If your site goes through these 8 Diamond point then you are able to apply for Google AdSense Program by using your Gmail id. Before applying for Google AdSense program, you must read Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions. You’ll get more tutorials on Google AdSense so stay tuned with me.:)


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