Sep 22, 2012

Use google search as a scientific calculator

However most of us didn't require this feature in Google. Because we all have a calculator in our home. But if you are in cyber and you want to do scientific calculation then you don't need to search for a calculator. Luckily Google has just released a new 34 button scientific calculator.

Before this we have to waste our valuable time on Internet to search a proper answer. But now Google has launched its own calculator. Just type 2+2, now instead of simply coming up of answer Google presents you a full scientific calculator.

In this calculator you will find sine, cosine, tangent values of any degree, even log of any number. If you want to calculate any number with pi, then Google also will provide you the accurate answer.

Most interesting thing is we can also access the calculator with desktop voice search, just we have to click on the little microphone icon in the search bar, speak out your equation loud and wait a split second for the answer. A pared down version also appears during the mobile searchers.

So while surfing on internet don't waste your precise time to calculate anything. Take advantage of Google's this new feature.

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