Sep 24, 2012

Send single message to multiple friends on Facebook

Facebook is the world's best social networking site. People chat with their friends, makes new friends via
facebook. Now a days people also shares the information via facebook. Sometimes it happens that we have to send a single message to multiple facebook friends. And this takes so much time to message to all of them such a tedious work. So now I am going to tell you how to send a single message to multiple friends. However you can choose maximum 20 peoples at a time but this is much better than sending a message to each individual separately. So just use this trick to send message to multiple friends.

Steps :

Step 1 : Select the Messages options available on Top-Right side of window.

Step 2 : Select the option Send a message.

Step 3 : Select the persons to whom you want to send the message. Write the Message and click
             on Send Button.

That's It.

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