Sep 30, 2012

HOw to create Own Portable Applications

Most of time we do our work on different PC's. Sometimes we find that there is no installation of necessary software's in that PC. Then we are become in trouble that how to do the work. So here is cool trick to create a portable applications. So no need to install the applications each and every time. Just make portable applications and carry it in the pen drive. We can do this using WinRar.

Steps :-

Here we are making portable Adobe Reader application.

Step 1 : Install WinRar.

Step 2 : First glance all important files that are needed to run Adobe Reader and select them.

Step 3 : Right click on them and select Add to archive option.

Step 4 : Now under General tab make following changes as shown in picture.

Step 5 : Now under Advance tab choose SFX option.

Step 6 : Now choose setup tab. make following changes as shown in picture.

Step 7 : Now choose Text And Icon tab and give text and Icon whichever you want.

Step 8 : Now under Modes tab make following changes as shown in picture.

 Step 9 : Now click on Ok button.

That's it. we have created portable Adobe Reader application. You can use it without installing it.

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