Sep 8, 2012

How to get lots of likes on your facebook page

Facebook has become a big hit in the world of business and social life today. Any business that ignores Facebook  is missing out on massive profits and any cause that does so, is missing out on huge numbers of members and followers.
Perhaps your objective is not profit making. It’s a cause you’re involved in and want to rally people to support it and join you.
Whatever your objectives and goals are, Facebook is an effective and free platform to do exactly that. It’s a phenomenon that has caught up with the world like flu.
Have you considered creating a Facebook page for your cause or business? If not, do it today. You’re missing out big time. If yes, and you’re struggling to attract enough ‘LIKES’ for you page, the following are 10 great tips you can put into practice to achieve that and develop your cause or business further:

Write Great Content

Write high quality content that’s of great value to your readers. Content of great value solves problems. It gives simple instructions and offers solutions to problems.
 It brings what’s new – to their area of interest – to their attention.
Content of high value educates your facebook community of readers. It tells them what they don’t know and adds knowledge to their knowledge bank.
Great content gives timely and consistent updates on what’s happening, what has just come up, and what has changed in their area of interest.
Make sure you give your readers enough information that answers any questions that might linger in their minds. Read the content as if you’ve not written it to answer those questions in your content as you prepare it.

 Relevant Content

Relevant content is content that matches your page’s description which spells out your page’s theme. Provide a clear description of what your page is about and stick to that all through.
Make sure you don’t deviate or get into things that you might find difficult to explain in your content.

Great Tips

If your page is mostly educational or informational, provide ‘how to’.  is helpful, short and to the point tips on how to do things and/or how not to do them. They’re very effective ways of solving problems.
If there’s a process to be followed, offer them step by step instructions. It simplifies their tasks and solves difficult tasks. They will be delighted in the end and thank you a lot for solving their problems which mean a lot to you and your reputation.
You can also point out stages they might be required to go through in trying to achieve a goal they’re pursuing. It helps them with their preparations and ensures they’re ready to tackle the challenges ahead.


To begin with, your style of presentation should be easy to understand. People don’t have a lot of time to interpret meanings of vague statements and intrigues. You must provide value at the shortest time possible. Having done this, publish quite often to satisfy your readers hunger and curiosity for information and knowledge.
Do not leave your page gather dust. At least, if not daily, or after two to three days, update them weekly. Show some level of consistency to give them a hint of when you’re going to update them next.


Arrange your content in a systematic manner. Use space, time and categories of your page thoroughly and effectively. Mixing things up will only confuse your readers while posting irrelevant things will only irritate them. Posting relevant content BUT at the wrong time will even make them incensed. It leads to them treating you with contempt.

Respect your Facebook Community

Your community of readers and followers are humans. They have feelings, are sensitive to issues and react. Be polite in your language. Do not look down upon them or fail to answer their queries on time and effectively. Show them that you do care about them a lot. Leave your emotions behind and be sensitive to their needs.

Cultivate Trust

Trust is the epitome of any dealing or business with humans. If there’s no trust, there’s no business or cause. Avoid giving out promises you can’t fulfill. If you must, keep your word and apologize sincerely incase you fail.
Be nice and objective towards your readers. If you’re offering a product or service, do not over-charge them. Deliver quality product and service and follow up on any complain.


Customers or your page members have a right to feedback. If you update them, reply to comments they make. Of course, you must not reply to all banal questions and comments but useful and objective ones. It saves you time and energy and gives your page some objectivity and seriousness. Set a good trend and achieve credibility with your page.
Check for private messages and attend to the useful ones.

Carry out Research or Survey

A very interesting and effective way to improve your page’s quality is carrying out a research or survey of your community.
Ask them relevant and insightful questions in a gentle manner. Ask them what they’d like to see on the page and what they don’t.
What do they want to see quite often? What do you need to limit? Ask them whether the page adds value to their lives otherwise, there’s no need of wasting your time and theirs on what’s not of value to them.
By doing this, you’ll discover important pointers and insights to improve their lives and motivate them. You’ll be a great influence in their lives. Make sure you use your findings to improve your page.

Market Page Aggressively

Use the following strategies to market your page aggressively:-
  • Other Social Media Pages
  • Email
  • Videos
  • Your websites and other peoples’ websites
  • Recommendations to friends by members of your page
  • Offline strategies etc
This way your page will attract thousands of followers.


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