Sep 8, 2012

Lock your PC with your Pen drive

With this trick you will know how to lock your pc with your pendrive. I am telling that this password is not easy to crack but only the experienced can crack this one. Let's start :

1. For this your motherboard has to support USB boot . Check whether your motherboard supports it or not?

2. Format the pen drive you want to use for this purpose.

3. Open windows explorer then go to Tools/Folder Options(For Xp) Organize/Folder and search options(For Vista or Windows 7). Go to view tab then mark View hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide  protected system files and then press OK.

4.C: Windows ( or where you set up your windows) . Now copy boot.ini , and ntdlr And paste to your pen drive.  now rename the file boot.ini in your hard disk to boot.bak.
5. Restart your PC and select USB as your first boot device from BIOS.

If you have everything right you PC will not boot without your pen drive. Because the files needed to boot is in the pen drive. Now your pen drive is the key of your computer.

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