Sep 8, 2012

Make a flash animation

What exactly Animation is?

Before I list up the steps, I would like to share you what exactly animation is. Actually, it is an art of creating sense of motion by taking help from the optical illusion and highlighting the sets of images one after another. There is a complete sequence of the images and when these images are attached via flash then it looks like a constant movement while there is no movement in reality. The best way to understand animation is to watch Tom and Jerry or other cartoons. When you look at tom then he is moving, dancing, chasing, etc; there is no such movement but only the flash animation.

Steps to follow:

1. Image  Sketching

Sketching is a powerful means of interpersonal communication. We view sketching as a combination of interactive drawing and linguistic interaction.You all are very much aware of sketching.  However, beginners should take a start from the sketch of cartoon’s characters.

2. Importing   

Now your next step is to import all images to Flash. You can easily get the adobe flash software from the web. Nevertheless, I suggest you to get a full version of Adobe Flash CD from your nearest store. Although there are other programs also available for making animation yet flash is one with which you feel at home. It’s quite simple and comfortable to work with it.
Flash project has layer by default. Now import image to the layer. You can create a new layer and also can design a white rectangle over the picture you import. It’s time to set the color contrast. Design a new layer in the same way and lock these layers.  You line and pen tools and do some work so that this sketch matches to original one.

3. Converting

Now the next step you need is to get the movie clips by converting all moving part of your cartoon character to distinct symbols. For this purpose, you need to select the moving part then you need to pick the covert to symbol option after right clicking on the part.

4. Distributing

Sixty percent of your work has been completed. Now next thing you have to do is that  all layers or imported images of step no. 2 should be removed so that you can easily distribute the moving parts to their own layers. You can put them on the top, in the bottom or in overlapping manner; all up to you.

5. Animation

You get a frame from step no.IV, copy it in the timeline and decide how many frames in length in the motion should be. Grab an empty frame for any distance you selected and then pasty the copied frame of moving part here. An exciting feature of flash is that the timeline between the frames would be filled out with a long stretch of original frame. Now you need to part the parts of the sketch into the final frame in the exact manner. Select the all frame and then you will be able to either pick classic tween or  motion tween by right clicking on the selection . I suggest you to try both and the finalize one which seems more suitable to you.
Well done, you have made the flash animation in less than two hours; amazing but true…try!!! Feel free to comment if you want to share something new, different and innovative ideas regarding the creativity of animation.

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