Sep 8, 2012

Useful codes for your Nokia phone

Nokia is the leading Mobile phones manufacturing company in the world. It offers advanced features in its handsets that are the main reason users of all age select it. Along with advanced features in Nokia, It also gives some user friendly facilities to get all the information of your phone by using some codes on your phone. Don’t worry, these codes are not any complicated programming code, these are simple numerical code, you have to only store it in your Nokia phonebook and use it as per your necessity.
Here are some important codes for your Nokia Phone:

1.How to pick up radar speed traps
a. Go to your menu.
b. Select settings.
c. Select Security settings.
d. Select closed user group.
e. Select ON.
f. Enter 00000
g. Press OK.
h. Now it will be activated and within few seconds, you will get radar sign on your display with five zeros.
Only Nokia phones give this type of facilities. You have to activate next time when you switch off your phone or you lose contact with your carrier.
2. To show Firmware Version
Enter *#0000#
*#51×0# (*#9999#)
3. To show Serial No., Date of Manufacturing, Date of Programming & Date of Repair
Enter *#92772689#
4. To show IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Code
Enter *#06#
5. Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)
a. To activate EFR that makes call sound better but decrease battery life by 5% to 10%.
Enter *3370#
b. To deactivate EFR
Enter #3370#
6. Half Rate Mode (HFR)
a. To activate HFR that decreases call quality but increases battery life by 30% to 40%
Enter *4720#
b. To deactivate HFR
Enter #4270#
7. Default Security code
Enter 12345
8. To display warranty code
Enter *#92702689# [*#war0anty#], then you have to type number of codes to display desired results
a. Enter 6232-  To display Date of Manufacture
b. Enter 7332-  To display Date of Last repair
c. Enter 7832-  To display Date of purchasing
d. Enter 9268-  To display Serial Number
e. Enter 37832-To set Date of purchasing to MMYY
f. Enter 87267- To confirm transfer which is related to firmware updates
Enter #746025625#
This code depends on SIM card. It is a kind of sleep mode for SIM cards that allowes the phone to save energy, in newer SIMs it is called as ‘Clock Stopping”.
Note- You can not turn the SIm clock on/off, If SIM supports clock stopping then your phone will do it automatically.
Hope!!! Above Nokia Codes would be helpful for you to get your basic information of your phone. Share your experience of using these codes as comment below.:)

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